Kathryn's earliest memories of her father were of him always holding a camera or a paintbrush to create colourful bold works.

As an opera singer and performer, but above all as a photographer, she is inspired by him and carries on his legacy of passion for bold, colourful art.

Recently, Kathryn has been described as the photographer that “will do anything to get the shot.” Whether it’s building props or gear on the fly to create a neat effect during the shoot or jumping into the river, she is determined to do whatever she can for the best result.

Her passion also stems from her time being a subject in front of the camera as a plus size person. Kathryn loves diversity and is body positive. She is determined that her clients will always get the experience of working with a photographer inspired to make them look amazing.

Her dream is to take your favourite photo.

In the past 13 years, Kathryn has specialized in taking photos of performers (opera singers, actors, burlesque dancers…), creating promotional images to promote shows as well as capture the magic of live performances.